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The Advantages Of Staying At a Marrakech Riad Over a Hotel

Morocco is a land filled with picturesque scenery that will stay in one’s memory for life. For many people, the hotels of Morocco are the icing on the cake. However, as appealing as these resorts can be, an even more satisfying experience awaits travelers at a riad in Marrakech.

A Riad in Marrakech: A Stay You’ll Never Forget

We know what a typical Moroccan hotel experience feels like, but at a riad, guests will be immersed in something completely different. Riads are private homes built around courtyards, and in recent years, have been converted into guesthouses and boutique houses.

They may contain 5-10 bedrooms, each with their own distinct shapes, designs, sizes and textiles that incorporate traditional Arabic stylings. You will also find the amenities of a five-star resort such as a spa, pool, satellite T.V., and Egyptian cotton sheets.

The modern Riad is designed to retain its traditional feel while combining the international style found at popular hotels, all of which are under a boutique setting.

The Experience Of a Riad in Marrakech

  • Historically and culturally rich – Riads give you a glimpse of traditional Moroccan living. With the tours offered, you’ll get more familiar with how riads were built. You will also be able to experience artisanal crafts and adventurous outings.
  • Architecture – Are you a stickler for Moorish architecture? Do you love to see hand-carved plaster and mosaic tiling? A riad in Marrakech is the place for you. You don’t have to drive away from a hotel to see those sights – you can wake up in the heart of it.
  • Atmosphere – Coming to Morocco, for most, means losing one’s self in a totally different experience. At a riad in Marrakech, you will eat, sleep and relax in a setting filled with Arabic interior decor, historical paintings and rooftop gardens fit for a Moroccan king or queen. Our rooftop dining experience allows you to enjoy fine Moroccan cuisine surrounded by beautiful palm trees and an unforgettable sunset.

What Le Farnatchi Has to Offer

You can find everything mentioned above and more at Le Farnatchi. There are adventure tours for those who love the outdoors, activities for children and traditional Moroccan amenities with wonderful hospitality for those who want to sit back and relax.

Le Farnatchi offers a rooftop dining experience in an open outdoor setting where you can enjoy the North African climate and cuisine at our restaurant, Le Trou au Mur. You can also find pampering and rejuvenating spa treatments at the Farnatchi Spa.

With our combination of five-star facilities and access to the country’s best adventures, you’ll definitely want to book with us.

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