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Marrakech has everything from the traders of the ancient covered markets (souks) to Louis Vuitton, both genuine and fake. The souks offer everything from antique silk carpets (NB. Anything that was made prior to the day before yesterday is considered reasonable to describe as old, and anything that has been hanging around for more than a year can gain antique status. Very few items in the souk that are described as antiques are genuinely over the normal 100 years of age) to the beautiful carved metal lanterns and intricately hand embroidered Kaftans. The best way to shop in Marrakech is to get yourself slightly lost in the souks and see what you stumble upon however we can certainly point you in the right direction for whatever it may be, or book you a guide to take you to all the hidden boutiques. The carpet shops are notoriously tricky to tie down on price but we do know the better ones, depending on the style and quality that you are looking for.

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