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12 Things To Do In Marrakech Based On Your Personality

When you arrive in Marrakech, you will quickly get an idea of how many activities and adventures await you. With all of these choices at hand, indulge in experiences you will not regret. We can help you choose the activities that best suit your personality and the memories you want to cherish most after your stay at Le Farnatchi has come to an end.

First Off, Remember What You Came For

The fact that you made Marrakech your choice of destination shows that you came to experience something in out of the ordinary. Perhaps it was a photo of the city or a traveler’s personal story that brought you here. Whatever it may have been, we will certainly be able to help point you in the right direction of an activity or experience that will help you get the most out of your time in Marrakech.

What To Do In Marrakech

To help you out, we have made some suggestions of things to do – for the most active people to those that prefer to become immersed in the culture of the country.

Things To Do In Marrakech For the Adventurous Types  

If you’re the adventurous type, a visit to Marrakech will likely bring you to majestic landscapes or adrenaline-fuelled sports.

Suggested Activities:

  • Paragliding – From the top of Kick Plateau, you can paraglide with a renowned father-son team, taking in one of the most picturesque views of the Atlas Mountains, the surrounding desert and Lake Lalla Takerkoust. 
  • White Water Rafting – Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced rafter, you can bounce along the Ourika river for a half day, while being privy to the beautiful backdrop of the snow-capped Atlas Mountains. Additionally, you can say hello to some “fans” – locals who clap and cheer you on as you pass along the river. 
  • Dune Buggies – If you’re not a fan of air or river-based adrenaline pumpers, you can stay grounded with a dune buggy adventure. You can reach speeds of 80mph and can roam free on varying terrains including steep slopes, rutted tracks, and sand dunes. 

Things To Do In Marrakech For the Culture Vultures  

If culture is what you crave, a trip to the city could mean taking a guided tour in a horse-drawn carriage or roaming through a Marrakech bazaar.

Suggested Activities:

  • City Guides – With the help of a guide who speaks your language, you can embark on a glorious tour of Marrakech, soaking in the views of the city’s architecture and history. Or, if you prefer your own set of wheels, you can maneuver through the city on a motorcycle and sidecar. 
  • Shopping – Whether you like ancient handcrafts or modern apparel, a tour through the city’s covered markets will expose you to different vendors who sell just about everything ranging from Louis Vuitton lookalikes to traditional handwoven silk carpets. 
  • Artisanal Crafts – For those who like to use their hands, and you can take up some artisanal crafts that are staples of Moroccan culture. They include activities such as calligraphy, wood carving, and jewelry making.

Things To Do In Marrakech For the Novelty Seekers

If you’re looking to do something you’ve never done before, your stay in Marrakech may give you a peek into a previously unknown aspect of the city.

Suggested Activities:

  • Night Under Canvas – You may never experience a night that’s as romantic or awe-inspiring as one in Marrakech! Spend a night under canvas and you’ll get to relax while a chef cooks a delicious Berber dinner for you, all while you gaze at the stars. 
  • Tour In a Classic Car – No ordinary road experience, a tour in a classic car will give you a sense of nostalgia that blends with a sense of awe as you cruise along Morocco’s coastline and through the Atlas Mountains. 
  • Private Lunch In Sahara – This experience is a feast for both the eyes and the stomach. Starting from Marrakech, you’ll fly by helicopter to the Sahara, where you’ll see stunning views of the desert and then land to have lunch that’s been prepared for you. You can then take a walk through the dunes under the direction of a Berber guide.  

Things To Do In Marrakech For the Family-Oriented

If you’re visiting with your family, a stay in Marrakech will throw you into some high-energy activities that will keep both the kids and yourself occupied.

Suggested Activities:

  • Zip-wiring – Children rarely say “no” to zip-wiring and it’s a safe yet exhilarating activity for both the young and old. It’s a day-long adventure in the foothills of the Atlas Mountains and a session of zip-wiring will give you a thrill ride as you swing over a gorge or through the treetops. 
  • Horse riding – Kids and horses are natural fits, and we cater to the children who’d love nothing more than to enjoy some old-fashioned horseback riding. However, here in Marrakech, horse riding comes with a few twists, such as a ride up into the Atlas, giving you and your kids a spectacular, sweeping view of the Moroccan landscape. 
  • Scavenger Hunt – If you and your family really want to get acquainted with Marrakech, participating in a scavenger hunt can do the trick. You will embark on an excursion to find Moroccan antiquities, furnishings and even wildlife.

Marrakech – A City That Doesn’t Sleep

Upon arriving in Marrakech, you’ll quickly realize the breadth of activities and sights that await you. You might even be overwhelmed (but never anxious). The key to choosing the right set of activities during your stay is to remember your reason for coming to Marrakech and what it is you want to experience most. By doing so, you’ll have no regrets when you say farewell to our beautiful city.

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